Kristin Small Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kristin Small Photography (Kristin Small Photography) Thu, 31 Aug 2017 03:54:00 GMT Thu, 31 Aug 2017 03:54:00 GMT Kristin Small Photography: Blog 120 69 My Boys, 2016 I had to get my boys out for annual portraits as the year was coming to a close.  Photo-shoots, generally, aren't as fun for them as the girls, so any shots I get are gold.  I have 6 sons of all different ages and personalities and it was a fun challenge to try and capture them all.  

My oldest is 29 and the youngest is 5!  Here they are in age order.

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Evelyn Cormier, 2016 | Musician ~ Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Portrait Photographer Evelyn is a frequent model for me as most who follow my work will notice.  She is a willing, natural model and her sessions bring a lot of variety and interest.  This fall, she needed some professional portraits for an album cover and website as she is producing her own music!  She is a singer, songwriter, and plays the guitar and records and her whole family is involved with her music.  For this session, we had just one day to get everything she needed.  She chose a remote spot by a pond that is accessible via a hike through the woods.  She, originally, was looking for more moody shots with an overcast, sky, but that was not to be.  On the contrary, we arrived at our destination with the sun high in the sky and smack-dab in our faces!  After contemplating the situation, I was able to find some choice spots with nice light and lovely setting.  These challenges help me with problem-solving and creative editing.  I just love the pretty light and results.  I am honored to have been chosen for the task of taking Evelyn's promotional portraits and am pleased to share some of the results!

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Alex, Class of '17 | Stevens High School ~ Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Senior Photographer Alex was my last Senior of the fall for the Class of '17 and a student at our local high school, Stevens High.  I met with him and his parents downtown for some small-town "urban" shots with his guitar and then head over to a local park and airport.  This family was full of great ideas and Alex was a relaxed, willing model.  It's always nice to have the parents at the session for input and guidance so that I know exactly what shots they are looking for.

Here are my favorites for Alex, Class of '17!

So fun to take our last photos at the local airport -- a first for me!  


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Kindergarten Boy, 2016 | Homeschool ~ Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Child Photographer Another school year is ending and it just flew by for us!  My baby started Kindergarten this year, so I had to get him out for a few shots to commemorate this special time.  I can't believe he is my last little one, which makes this session even more special for me.

Of course, the older kids cannot be ignored, so here is the whole gang!

In spite of my passion for it, not a lot of my children are avid readers -- maybe this little guy will break the mold?

He often brings me little flowers and trinkets -- a mommy's boy for sure!  He sure is precious to me. 

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Nick, Class of '17 | Claremont Christian Academy ~ Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Senior Photographer It's hard to believe that these kids are graduating soon!  We've known Nick's family for several years now and he is the 2nd son (in a family of 5 boys) that I've taken Senior portraits for.  For this session, Nick and his mom found a nice spot in a rural area in Vermont for some unique portraits.  Nick was pretty relaxed and has a natural, easy smile, so that made my job easy!  Nick is a young man with a lot of ambition, including entering the nursing profession and working for an ambulance company.  I appreciate his go-to attitude and was honored to capture this special time for him.


Here is Nick, Class of '17!

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Emily, Class of '17 | Brattleboro Union High School ~ Brattleboro, VT | Vermont Senior Photographer This was a very special session for me.  Emily is my husband's, cousin's daughter, so she is family!  He does not have a lot of close relatives, so not many opportunities like this and I'm thrilled that they were happy to use me for Emily's Senior portraits.

Emily goes to school in Vermont and made the trek a bit north to take portraits by a beautiful lake and covered bridge.  We wanted to incorporate all-things-New-England-girl into her sessions, as well as showcase her personality and interests.  She is quite the athlete!  I haven't taken archery portraits before and loved them among the glorious fall setting.  She is also a runner and, though it was quite chilly that day, she braved it all to wear her school uniform.  

Emily is a sweet and natural model and I just adore what we got!  Here is Emily, Class of '17!

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Nicholas, Class of '17 | Stevens High School ~ Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Senior Photographer Nicholas is a student at Stevens High School.  He is a football player and it was a lot of fun to incorporate the sport into his Senior portraits.  We made the most of the local scenery and even included his car in a few shots!  It's fun to personalize Senior sessions and make each one unique.  I appreciated his willingness to try a few of my ideas as well and I think we got some nice variety!  Here are some favorites of Nicholas, Class of '17!


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Madeline, Class of '17 | Springfield High School ~ Springfield, VT | Vermont Senior Photographer Madeline is a Vermont Senior at Springfield High School.  I greatly enjoyed her sense of fun and spunk and her personality really showed through in her portraits.  We started out at an old churchyard in Weathersfield and ended up at the local apple orchard.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and light and ended in a fun, fall setting.  Madeline is also quite an artist, so I was thrilled to incorporate that love into the photos as well.  

Here is Madeline, Class of '17! 


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Shoot-and-Share Contest, 2017 | New Hampshire Photographer It's that time of year again!  I entered (All-In) the Shoot-and-Share contest again in my favorite catagories: Senior, Children, Portrait, and Family.  The submissions were up apx. 100K this year to over 325K, so I was thrilled to see some photos still place and one make it to the Finals! (Top 2%.)  This contest in international and very wedding-based, so an even bigger honor.  Here are my top shots!  As usual, Evelyn is popular again!  But happy to see a few other faces as well. :)

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Sam J, Class of '17 | Homeschool ~ Cornish, NH | New Hampshire Senior Photographer This was my 2nd Sam of the season!  A homeschooled guy who we have known since he was a small boy.  It's hard to believe he is so grown up and ready to fly!  Sam and his family are very special and I was honored to take his Senior portraits.  Because they live in Plainfield, New Hampshire, we thought that St. Gauden's in Cornish was a perfect spot to capture some fun memories and iconic scenery.  He is a true New England guy!  We were lucky to get a nice view of Mt. Ascutney in a few shots as well as the famous grounds at St. Gauden's (a famous, New England artist.)  

Here are my favorites from the day!


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My Pageant Girl, Maya 2016 | New Hampshire Photographer One of the joys of having my own photography business is being able to do sessions featuring my own children.  My daughter, Maya (our 5th child,) is my stage child.  She loves to perform in many ways -- singing, dancing, acting -- even in a pageant!  Last August, she joined several young ladies to be part of the Cornish Fair King & Queen Pageant.  It's a lot of fun for her because she gets to dress up, perform, and, best of all, be with the other girls and have fun together!

This was her 2nd year participating and we've found that, part of the challenge, is finding just the right dress.  We liked last year's gown, but wanted something with a bit more flair this year.  In the past, my mother has found many of the dresses that my girls wear for our sessions, so it made sense to keep any eye out while on July vacation in Michigan where she lives.

Sure enough, we found the PERFECT gown!  It was the right color, style, and fit perfectly and for an amazing price!  We were all so excited and, you can bet, my thoughts quickly went to PHOTO SHOOT!  

After the fair, we talked about a good setting for this ensemble and settled on our little down-town area.  I like the lights and "small-town urban" feel, along with the pretty landscaping mixed with the old brick and long sidewalks along the store-fronts.  

We managed to get a perfect night, so she got into the gown and her sister helped her with hair and make-up and we headed out.  But once we got there, I felt a bit under-the-weather and lost my energy and excitement.  Tragedy!  After all the prep, I needed to make this work, but I just wasn't FEELING IT.  Thankfully, Maya is a great model and just seeing her in that setting help trigger my inspiration.  We got some stares and whistles, which made us laugh and things started to fall into place.  The light was glowing beautifully and the colors brought everything to life.  

I still wasn't sure if my vision was fulfilled, until I got home and uploaded my raw files.  Ahhh . . . SO GORGEOUS!  I'm so happy we did this and now have a wonderful keepsake of a very special time in her life.  Here is my Maya, the pageant girl! 

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Sam H, Class of '17 | Claremont Christian Academy ~ Claremont, NH | Claremont Senior Photographer Sam is a student at Claremont Christian Academy in Claremont, New Hampshire.  I've known his family for years and it's been fun to watch him (the oldest of several siblings) grow up and now get ready to graduate from high school!  Wow.  Hard to believe.  I remember when he was BORN! (I feel old.)  Sam is just a great kid and very easy-going.  He wanted just a few basic photos (mostly for his mom,) but he also enjoys playing his guitar, so we had to incorporate that into a few shots.  

Here is Sam, Class of '17!

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Joah, Class of '17 | Homeschool & Lebanon High School ~ Lebanon, NH | Lebanon Senior Photographer This is my second session with Joah (I did a session with his family) and what a difference a few years makes!  He is all grown up and getting ready to graduate high school and head into a military career.  Joah had a lot of great ideas and props for his session.  Though he is a homeschooling student, he plays sports for the local high school, so it was a lot of fun to incorporate that passion into his photos.  He also loves to read and has a great sense of humor and fun.  We took several formal shots for his military application and also some at the farm where he works.  I have to say that 8 out of 10 of  my Seniors are guys and I really enjoy them!

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The C Family, 2016 | New Hampshire Family Photographer I've had the privilege of taking portraits of this family since my business took off in 2011.  A lot of fun memories with them and I've, literally, watched their children grow up!  Though the kids are my most frequent subjects, mom and dad thought it was time for a few portraits in honor of their 20th anniversary!  Now, don't they look way too young to be celebrating 20 years?!  What a beautiful couple -- inside and out!

I also took a few shots of their handsome son who is a high school Junior this year.  Wow -- so hard to be believe that is possible!  And he takes after his parents in the good-looks department.  Always happy to share the C family!

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Sylvia, Class of '16 | Homeschool ~ Springfield, VT | Vermont Senior Photographer Sylvia was my last Senior for the Class of '16 and what a fun session it was!  She was full of ideas and has such a spunky humor.  What more could I ask for?  Sylvia has a lot of interests and we tried to incorporate them as much as possible.  I just love her sense of humor and self-confidence.  She is now in art school and I expect she'll really make a mark in the world!  I love this collage!  Here is beautiful Sylvia:

We had to incorporate her amazing art! (She brought the fun hat.) :)

It was fitting to be at the estate of a famous New England artist, Augustus St. Gauden.

 And some fun (and funny) ones!  She loves Dr. Who and brought that prop (I just added a little magic.)  

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Thank You ~ Clients of 2016 | New Hampshire Photographer

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Hayden, Class of '16 | Claremont Christian Academy ~ Claremont, NH | Claremont Senior Photographer Hayden was one of my last Seniors for the Class of '17 for me, though it's not unusual for Seniors to get spring sessions.  I'm glad that I was able to capture these memories for such a wonderful young man.  We had a lot of fun and Hayden was full of ideas (always a plus for me!)  We drove around and tried different locations, incorporating things that are meaningful to him.   I always enjoy it when Seniors bring props -- in this case, it was Hayden's violin.  He is quite an impressive musician and it was interesting to talk to him about his future plans, which include college.  Hayden is a student at Claremont Christian Academy in Claremont.

Here are some highlights from our day! 

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The B Family, 2016 | New Hampshire Family Photographer This was a very special session for me, as it was also part of an adoption reveal.  We wanted to find a fun and creative way to let everyone know that 2 more children were being added to the family and I love what we came up with.   Until the actual session, I had never met the children, but they did such a great job and under not so ideal conditions (really hot and humid that day!)  We trekked through the woods to a beautiful setting along the Sugar River and then made our way back to their home.  Everyone was in high spirits and were game for a lot of variety and I loved the challenge of capturing the intimacy between the family members.  

Here is the blessed family!


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Girl in the Wild Lupine | New Hampshire Photographer Driving around this summer, I noticed several batches of wild lupine here in New Hampshire and knew that I had to get some portraits done before they were long-gone! I don't remember them being so plentiful and lush! For these shots I maneuvered myself on the side of a steep hill, but necessary for the light I needed and it was worth it! This is my daughter who agreed to model for me.

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The T Siblings, 2016 | New Hampshire Child Photographer I had the privilege of shooting a fun session with these three kiddos!  They were just so adventurous and not one bit shy in front of the camera, which is a blessing to any photographer.  They were game for any of my ideas and came up with plenty of their own.  I was happy that we scheduled in time for the late spring blooms.  I just love including them as they are here such a short time.  My favorite is, probably, the lilacs.  These were taken around downtown Claremont.  


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