Winter Fun

March 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
New England has been in the depths of a hard winter this year, which limits my options for shoots. As a homeschooling Mom, however, that's all good. Still, it's fun to get out once in awhile and I couldn't resist when my daughters and a friend glammed up one afternoon! Yes, it was quite cold out there, but they were real troopers and didn't hesitate to pose sans outerwear! We kept it short and sweet and we got some fun winter memories for our trouble.

1.) One of my favorite models. I love her dark coloring and, of course, that gorgeous hair! All of these are girls are naturals in front of the camera.

Winter, 2014


3.)Red, black, and white are among the hardest colors to capture and edit correctly -- esp. in all that white snow! Happy for this opportunity and the results:


5.)My girls are nuts about the Disney film, "Frozen." She reminds me of the Snow Queen.

Winter, 2014


Winter, 2014

7.)And a more casual shot. Love that winter light!

Winter, 2014


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