E-Session: Josh & Molly

May 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In the middle of a brutal winter, I got a contact for a mini-shoot in the snow.  This couple is getting married in August and needed photos -- STAT -- for their announcements.  I do not usually do winter shoots, but was game for a try, provided that the weather was right (for me and my equipment.)  It took a little time to get the right conditions, as it was one of the worst winters on record here in New Hampshire, but we got our window and went for it. 

Of course, daylight is sparse and short in winter, so we had to get things done quickly, but it was not without struggle.  At first, the locations we had hoped to use were not working out, in large part, due to very deep snow.  The winds were kicking up and I knew that we needed a perfect pocket of shelter and light. Thankfully, I found one along a wooded path in town.  You can imagine my relief!  

These two were very relaxed in front of the camera and game for anything, including shooting sans coats, in quickly dropping temps!  But, you wouldn't guess it by the affection on their faces.  Of course, being an engaged couple, holding each other close is natural and a perfect way to keep warm!

Here are some favorites of this very photogenic couple!  I was happy to design their announcement and get them out in time for the upcoming nuptials.  A joyous photo-shoot overall.

Congratulations to Josh and Molly and best wishes for many years to come!



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