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Ashland, Wisconsin Photographer

I am a product-based photographer.  What does that mean?  It means that I specialize in helping you find beautiful ways to display the beautiful portrait art that you invest in.  So often, portraits are reduced to digital files, languishing unseen on computers and at risk for crashes and technological updates.

But a portrait on your wall will be seen daily.  A portrait on your wall can be viewed and enjoyed by your friends and family on a regular basis.  A beautiful album or image box is always available to peruse and share.  I am here to help you create quality heirlooms for your walls and tables. 

Where to begin?  Start thinking about where you want wall displays.  Measure them and consider size options.  8x10 is such a standard size for portraits, but they actually are quite tiny.  Here is a guide to show perspective.

  At your initial visit with me, we will talk about plans and ideas for showcasing your portraits.  I will show you many samples of the high quality designer products that I offer and help you plan a boutique portrait session personalized just for you.

Let's get together and talk!  Call me for a free consultation at: 603-558-4071.

Full price list is available at initial scheduling session.





Please allow 4-6 weeks for product orders. 

Payment methods include: cash, check, money order, or credit card.  Product is delivered after payment has cleared


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