Merrill/Wausau, WI Photographer



Clothing & Makeup: Avoid solid black, white, green, orange, neons, and pinstripes.  Avoid clothes with logos, unless you are advertising for someone. Deep rich or bright colors really "pop," but soft colors are just elegant.  If you are getting family or group photos done, consider staying within the same color "family."  

Please check your outfits for wrinkles.  They may seem benign in front of the mirror, but can be very obvious in print.  Also, think about the areas that you are self-conscious about.  If you, for example, are concerned about weight on your arms, consider seriously if you want to wear a sleeveless dress.  If you want a longer neck, do not wear a turtleneck sweater or scarf.  Check your clothes for stains, missing buttons, if they are see-through, fit properly, "bunch-up", etc.  Wear what FLATTERS you!

Think about the seasons when choosing your colors.  Similar tones with the environment make for pleasing, timeless themes.  For example, jewel-tones look especially nice for fall shots; bright colors and pastels in winter, soft and earth-tone colors in the spring; and neutrals or primaries in summer.  Layers almost always add interesting dimension to your photos. You might also think about a fun, vintage outfit or other "theme" for your shoot -- let's be creative!

Dress from head-to-toe in case full body shots are taken.  Consider wearing light make-up, even if you don't otherwise.  Powder can ward off glare and lipstick helps you from looking too pale.  On the flip-side, don't go too heavy with makeup either, especially with mascara.


SENIORS: Consider bringing more than one change of clothes (including school uniforms, prom dresses, etc.)  Please avoid overly revealing outfits, especially if your photos are being submitted to your school.

NOTE: I do gentle and natural touch-ups for blemishes as part of my post-processing service.  


Accessories & Props: Props can really personalize your photos, so plan to have shots taken with some of your favorite things, including musical instruments, team jackets, sports equipment, or even your vehicle.  Accessories are also part of the fun. Think about your jewelry, hats, hair accessories, and anything else that pulls your look together.


Hair: Wear your hair how you like it best.  If you plan to get a hair-cut, consider scheduling it a week or so before the shoot.  You might also want to spray your hair lightly with hair-spray to help prevent those flyaway strands (that includes the guys!)  Guys should have a fresh shave unless they want to risk a 5-o'clock shadow.


Glasses: These can be tricky due to reflection, so if you have frame-less lenses, that will help.  Otherwise, we will work to avoid glare.


Posing: I have suggestions for basic poses, but feel free to share your ideas!  If there is a special pose that you would like to mimic, we can work together and see if it's a possibility.  


Pets: Feel free to bring a pet to include in your photo-shoot, but make have a plan in place for its care during the remainder of the session.