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Too often, people only see their photos and beautiful portraits in digital form.   They get lost among the clutter of their computer and, after an initial sharing on the Internet, can be forgotten -- or worse, lost in a crash or become obsolete with the changes of technology.  

How would you like to make it possible for people to enjoy your portraits for a lifetime and beyond?  How would you like to view your beautiful portraits and re-live your happy memories every day? I am here to help you make that happen.  I offer a wide variety of product that will showcase your portraits in a way you never could otherwise.  Check out some samples here:


What better way to showcase your photos as the beautiful pieces of art that they are than on the walls of your home.  A literal showpiece or gallery that you can share with friends and family who come to visit and something that you get to view and enjoy daily.  This is why most people get their portraits professionally taken.  Whether it be on canvas, metal, or in a beautiful frame, you will never regret investing in these precious heirlooms.

Here are some samples of what I have to offer:

3-D WALL COLLAGES.  My 3-D Collages offer a unique and easy way to display multiple portraits without independently measuring for and attaching each photo to the wall.  

Here are some detailed shots of a large 3-D Collage.  Each photo is attached to the main center panel.  The entire Collage is wired to attach to your wall. 

CANVASES.  I offer high quality, sturdy-built canvases with solid wood frames.  Canvases are ready to hang and are a timeless, classic showpiece in any home. 


CLUSTERS.  Portraits can be displayed either as single units or in a group.  If you have a bare wall to cover, I will help guide you through the planning and designing of your cluster. 


Another very popular way to share your photos is in a high-quality album.  It is so special to be able to hold your photos in your hands and look through them as you have your morning coffee or with a little one in your lap.  My albums are sturdy and beautiful -- just touching them adds to the experience of seeing your portraits in print. 


Don't forget to order cards for friends and family, whether it be high school graduation announcements or Christmas cards, I offer a beautiful selection of cards and, not only do I provide the photos to be included, but I also customize and order them for you.  One less thing for you to think about and part of my service to you. 

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