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Welcome!  I am a photographer in Ashland, Wisconsin and I specialize in high school Seniors, children, portraits, and families.   To add photos to your Pinterest board, please click on the direct link for the desired post.  For more information about my services, please visit my Home Page on the link at top or send a note in the "Contact" section. 

Sisters, 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Family Photographer

July 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When we found out that we were leaving our home-state of 30 years, New Hampshire, we realized that some of our grown kids would stay behind.  Though very hard to say good-bye, it was a natural expectation.  This was a compelling reason to get my 5 daughters together for a photo-shoot at a local park.  I haven't taken a group shot of the girls in a long time and this was the excuse I needed to force myself into action.

My girls are super-close and affectionate.  I know it's hard for them to be apart (2 remained in NH,) so I know that these portraits will be priceless treasures over the years.  It was neat to get the group shots and some smaller couplings.  Here are my five beauties! (Ages 24 down to 10.)


The W Family, 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Family Photograper

June 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This family won a free session at an auction I donated to.  It was fun for me to hear that because I took their son's Senior portraits the year before, so looked forward to spending more time with them all and get some great family and couple shots.

They had a good idea of the locations they were looking for and came well prepared with wardrobe and posing ideas.  Dad had us in stitches much of the time, so it was just a fun, relaxing evening.  This was my last session in beautiful New Hampshire as, shortly after, we moved to our new home in Ashland, WI.  Here are some favorites of the awesome W family!

We started in a lovely, natural setting . . . 

Later we moved on downtown for some "small-town urban" shots. 

John, Class of '17 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Senior Photographer

May 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My last Senior for the class of '17 got me for a late spring session.  Though most of my Senior sessions happen in the fall, it is not at all unusual for students to wait for a spring setting to get their portraits taken.  In fact, until the end of June, I encourage any Senior to get their portraits done to commemorate this amazing achievement -- that means it's not too late for the Class of '18!

John is a very special guy.  I met this family several years ago when they were looking for winter family portraits.  It was definitely one of the most fun and unique experiences I've had.  From there, I did Senior portraits for two of John's siblings, so was very excited when it was his turn.  Like his siblings, John has been homeschooled, but he also participated in other formal programs.  For his efforts, he was awarded Valedictorian! WOW!  So excited for him (so we, of course, had to incorporate some shots with his cap, gown, and medal.)

John is also a very funny, nice, and just great guy.  He has a lot of interests and I expect an exciting future for him.  Here are some favorite shots from our session at St. Gaudens in Plainfield, NH.

He made this cloak himself!  So cool. 


Ginger Princess, 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Child Photographer

March 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have taken portraits of little Hannah before and she is SUCH a good little model.  It's hard to believe that she is only 6.  She sits so still and sweet and demure.  All of her expressions were unprompted.  Of course, she is a little beauty, too.  Her red hair is a photographer's dream.  She is part of the smallest minority in the world -- red hair and blue eyes!  

As New Hampshire was experiencing a glorious spring and beautiful perennials were blooming everywhere, we definitely had to incorporate them into the session.  At the last minute, her mother grabbed the plaid blanket to wrap her in and I'm so glad that she did -- she is like a little Scottish princess.  

Here are my favorite shots of little Hannah.

Spring, 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Senior Photographer

February 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

As spring came to NH, Maya and I decided that it would be fun to get out and capture that beautiful golden light and contrast all that gold and white with red.  I just love the colors in this and, of course, Maya looks gorgeous.  

Snow White, NH 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Child Photographer

February 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A few parting shots from our last winter in New Hampshire.  Sad to say good-bye to the state we've lived in for 30 years, but happy in our new area which is very similar in climate and terrain.  Here is my daughter in white-on-white.  Always challenging and fun to capture.  I've also included a fun, joyous shot of my son in the fresh falling snow.

Good-bye, 2017! | Ashland, Wisconsin Photographer

January 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2017 was an odd year for me.  Things started off typically for me and I was gung-ho to have a very active summer and fall season, but life has a way of throwing you a curve-ball!  Surprisingly, in July, my husband was offered a job in Ashland, Wisconsin.  We realized that it was a great opportunity for us, so we readily accepted and then began a whirlwind of activity, preparing a family of 10 and a house ready to move half-way across the country in just 6 weeks!

Fast forward through some very crazy moments, and we landed here right at what would normally be my busiest photography season.  I realized that it was too much to try to set up business in a new state and try and get things started (not knowing a soul!) so accepted that business would have to close down until spring, 2018.

In spite of this unexpected end for the year, I was still able to take some time in the midst of it all to get some special photo-shoots done with my own kids and a few others before moving away.  I look forward to many more in the coming months and in our new area and also for this time and opportunity to explore and get to know new people.

As I look back at my year, I think fondly of those who have supported me over the years since starting business in New Hampshire in 2012.  It's been a wonderful journey and I would never have come this far without those experiences.  I will miss my clients dearly and hope to cross paths again, this way or that.  Here is a little look back on my photographic journey of 2017.


Winter Session, 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Family Photographer

January 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We got a lot of snow this winter and, as soon as we got a little warmer, I thought it was time for some fun snow photos with my girls and their friend!  My daughter, Maya, got a gorgeous formal blue gown from her grandmother and I really wanted to show-case that.  Her sister isn't usually game for portraits, but it was time for some new photos of her as well (also, the more practice the better in order to become more relaxed in front of the camera.)  I've also taken portraits with Victoria before and she is SO photogenic that I could resist inviting her along as well.  

The results are just what we were hoping for.  We went to to two locations and the girls had a few wardrobe changes.  As usual, working in overcast clouds is always a challenge, but necessary if you want snow.  Still, the snow makes a giant reflector, so I had to work around that.  However, it also makes such a soft, pretty light and, if the sun were out, those locations would not have worked at all.  

Here are my favorites from the session: 

Maya loves theatre and we went for more dramatic looks and poses for her. 

So loving the pink outfit and setting in these!

Natural beauty.