Welcome!  I am a photographer in north-central Wisconsin, based in Marathon and Wausau.  I specialize in high school Seniors, children, portraits, and families.   For more information about my services, please visit my Home Page on the link at top or send a note in the "Contact" section. 

Boys Portraits, 2018 | Wausau & Marathon, WI | Wisconsin Portrait Photographer

October 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Before the next round, I better upload last year's set!


The P Family, 2018 | Wausau, WI | Wisconsin Family Photographer

August 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I love summer sessions and I love family sessions!  Every family is different and has unique dynamics and I love the challenge of meeting the goals and visions of each one.  That sometimes means individual and smaller group shots within the session.  Options include individual head-shots, couple shots, sibling shots, and so on -- whatever their heart desires! Here are some favorites of this special family. 

Mom is a fighter -- and she is fighting for her children with special needs.

It's always fun to take portraits of twins.  These two are fraternal, so they don't look exactly alike; they also have very unique personalities that I try to capture as well. 

The FR Family, 2018 | Ashland, WI | Wisconsin Family Photographer

July 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I had the privilege of taking a few portraits and candids of this beautiful lady and her two girls.  

Rocking that hair!

Autumn got very attached (and eventually obtained) this little fella.  (Glad I had my long lens for this one!)

A little Photo-shop fun with her eyes to add to the mystique. 

The J Family, 2018 | Ashland, WI | Wisconsin Family Photographer

June 22, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I was privileged to do a photo-session with this family while visiting central Michigan.  Their daughter, Natalie, was approaching her 4th birthday, so we decided to incorporate her favorite stuffed toy and moved from two locations.  Of course, Mom & Dad had to be featured as well as Grandma!  We got just enough photos for a beautiful album.  

Alex, Spring 2018 | Ashland, WI | Wisconsin Child Photographer

May 06, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Every year we get dandelions in New Hampshire, but this was our first spring in Wisconsin and I've never seen so many dandelions in my life!  In fact, they have a dandelion festival nearby in their honor.  Though not the world's most beautiful plant, they can still make for beautiful portraits.  I decided to take advantage of our abundance and take a few shots of my youngest son.  He was more than willing to comply and I just love the results!


Maya, Class of '18 | Clear Mountain Homeschool ~ Ashland, WI | Wisconsin Senior Photographer

February 10, 2019  •  4 Comments

This was an extra-special session for me as it features my 5th child and 3rd daughter.  I can't believe that my Y2K baby is all grown up and has graduated from our homeschool!  Maya is one of my more active kids and we were both excited to incorporate some of her interests and activities into her session.  I try to do that with all my Seniors and it helps when they bring special props to my session, so I made sure we had some meaningful items.  

For locations, we were able to use several locations in and around Ashland, Wisconsin (where we moved to the previous year.)  It was great to incorporate the quaint downtown, pretty parks, and beautiful Lake Superior!  Of course, the most important goal is to highlight this beautiful Senior as she says good-bye to her school years and enters life as an adult with a big future ahead.

Maya wanted a little tribute to her favorite musician, Toby Mac. 

We went downtown for some "small-town urban" shots.  Maya rocked that leather jacket and glasses! 

Little means more to Maya than acting.  She's been in many plays since early childhood and her passion continued through her high school years.  Here is a sample of her favorite performances and a tribute to the roles she played in them.

The lilacs were just gorgeous this year and are a perfect backdrop that I've used often with Seniors.  

This is the first time I've used white lilacs and I love the results. 

Whenever possible, I like to add a sibling in a photo or two.  Maya and her sister, Hannah, in the lupine.

I end her series with this pretty shot overlooking Lake Superior.  

Another Year, Come and Gone . . . | Ashland, WI Photographer

January 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

2018 was a whirlwind of activity.  I made some good business connections and opened my very own office downtown.  It's been fun and amazing to explore our new town (Ashland, WI) and finally find some community (after a slower start, including some serious health problems that developed with my daughter in the early summer.) 

Happily, I was able to take my first trip to Las Vegas (and first plane ride in over twenty years!) in order to spend time with three of my sisters and later take a long trip to Michigan in order to celebrate my daughter's high school graduation and enjoy a family reunion.  Through it all, my camera was clicking and I'm happy to share some favorites from all four seasons in 2018!

Spring Snowstorm, 2018 | Ashland WI | Wisconsin Family Photographer

January 09, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

It's the beginning of a new year and one of my resolutions is to better keep up with this blog!  So, now it's time to share some photos from last -- SPRING.  Yes, these were actually taken during an April snowstorm right here in Ashland, Wisconsin!  

I have to say, that though we lived in New Hampshire for 30 years and thought we were used to extreme weather, northern Wisconsin has shown us how crazy things can really be.  Yes, our home in the western mountains of New Hampshire was frequented by heavy snowfalls and freezing temps, at least we got periodic thaws in January and beyond -- but no sign of such luxuries here.  Also, being on the shores of Lake Superior has shown us not only what extended winter in sub-zero temps can be like, but also crazy blizzards that can rattle your house for days!  

Thus is our new life in the midwest!  But we have enjoyed our first year immensely and try to take advantage of all the opportunities -- including getting this girl out for some snowy shots.  Here are my favorites of Ellie (and a little bonus of her little brother enjoying the wonder of the big snowflakes gently floating down . . .) 

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