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Spring, 2017 | Ashland, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Senior Photographer

February 18, 2018 - As spring came to NH, Maya and I decided that it would be fun to get out and capture that beautiful golden light and con...
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My Pageant Girl, Maya 2016 | New Hampshire Photographer

March 07, 2017 - One of the joys of having my own photography business is being able to do sessions featuring my own children. My daughte...
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The C Family, 2016 | New Hampshire Family Photographer

February 03, 2017 - I've had the privilege of taking portraits of this family since my business took off in 2011. A lot of fun memories with...
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Girl in the Wild Lupine | New Hampshire Photographer

September 15, 2016 - Driving around this summer, I noticed several batches of wild lupine here in New Hampshire and knew that I had to get so...
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Connor, 2016

July 20, 2016 - I have had a hard time catching up on my blog of late, but determined to do it before my busy late summer/fall season st...
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Mini Session, Abby 2015

May 22, 2016 - Abby is a Freshman and lives in beautiful Vermont. A few years ago, I did a session with her whole family and her mother...
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Nate, Class of '16 | Homeschool & Lebanon High School ~ Lebanon, NH

March 13, 2016 - Nate wanted to do a shoot at historic St. Gauden's Park in Plainfield, NH. Of course, that made me very excited! This is...
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Lizzie, Class of '16 | Springfield High School ~ Springfield, VT

February 06, 2016 - It was great to get a Senior from Springfield High School -- my first one! And what a great representative! Not only is...
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Musician Session

November 05, 2015 - I had a fun mini-session with singer, Evelyn Cormier, and her band this summer. They are a local act who perform at vari...
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Summer, 2015

October 03, 2015 - This past summer was very slow for business. Surprisingly, I got more calls for winter portraits with snow this year! Sp...
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Evelyn, Class of '15 | Stevens High School ~ Claremont, NH

September 04, 2015 - I had a wonderful session during the peak of our spring annual blooms, featuring a beautiful young lady (and natural mod...
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Hannah Early Spring, 2015

June 22, 2015 - We waited a LONG time for spring to come to New Hampshire this year. The winter was long and brutal, so imagine how anxi...
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Autumn Girl, 2014

February 20, 2015 - I just love taking portraits with our gorgeous New Hampshire foliage as a backdrop. People come here from all over the w...
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The H Family, 2014

December 20, 2014 - I was privileged to shoot this family this summer. The father is a Pastor at a new church in West Lebanon, NH and they a...
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The F Family, Round 2

December 08, 2014 - I was privileged to have a 2nd session with this beautiful family, in order to include some children that were missing i...
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Hannah, age 17

October 23, 2014 - I had to utilize my new-found location for my daughter's 17th birthday shoot. The light and setting were just perfect. S...
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Poster Mini-Shoot

October 12, 2014 - This was a fun challenge for me. To shoot a poster for a young, local singer to be put up at various venues. They wanted...
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Gracie, Class of '14 | Claremont Christian Academy ~ Claremont, NH

July 23, 2014 - I've been taking a lot of guy Senior pictures in the past year, so fun to get another girl again! Gracie is a dancer and...
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Ayden, Class of '14 | Clear Mountain Homeschool ~ Claremont, NH

June 15, 2014 - Surprisingly, photographers can be the worst about neglecting their own children's portraits. I try to be very conscient...
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The B Family, 2013

November 05, 2013 - This was a fun family shoot on their own property, just as the leaves were approaching peak. They managed three coordina...
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