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Connor, 2016

July 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have had a hard time catching up on my blog of late, but determined to do it before my busy late summer/fall season starts.  Sadly, that means I am quite late posting the next set of photos, which were taken last fall.  They are photos of a young man that is special to our family.  We have been friends with his family since he was very small and he and my 2nd son have been close friends since then.

Connor is a smart, homeschooled boy who has always loved all-things-military, so it was no surprise to us that he decided to enlist in the Army right after high school.  Oh, so young!  But so mature for his age.  We found out that he is going to be gone for a long time, so he stopped by for a visit before heading out of state for training.  He did not have a big graduation celebration and no Senior portraits, but his mother and I quickly determined that we had to talk him into, at least, a few shots at the house before saying good-bye.

Here is Connor -- a patriot and amazing young man.  




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