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Hannah, Class of '16 | Clear Mountain Homeschool ~ Claremont, NH

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I take portraits of a lot of Seniors, but nothing is more special -- or more hard -- than taking your own.  My daughter, Hannah, has graduated in the Class of '16, so we started making plans last spring.  I really wanted a 4-season set, but winter didn't cooperate this year.  She does not like getting out in the cold anyway, so she's very happy with 3-season (as it was, I really had to talk her into some fall shots!)

We started in the summer and ended with her favorite season (and seaon of her birth,) spring.  My girl is beautiful and photogenic, but she does NOT like getting her pictures taken.  It may be hard to believe looking at them, but that is what I deal with.  Sigh.  It's tough, but we get through it and manage to get several good shots that she is actually pleased with.  

I"m thrilled to share them and celebrate my 4th graduate from our homeschool!  Only 7 more to go. :)

Here is Hannah, Class of '16!:

Summer in a formal gown.  Pink is her favorite color and she is such a girl-girl that a tiara was a must. 

I always put as much of themselves into the Senior portraits as I can.  Yes, that means pink dresses and tiaras for her -- as well as the love of her life: her cat, Meadow. 

She also loves and prefers backlit photos.

Fall comes around New Hampshire and that means gorgeous foliage that shall not be ignored for Senior portraits!  I love this setting.  It's not her favorite, color-wise, but we made it work.  BTW, the reflection below is NOT added in, but 100% real.

Winter is skipped -- and on to her beloved Spring!  Which means beautiful light and perennials.  She loves makeup and fashion and coordinated very carefully. 

She was adamant that we incorporate one of her favorite activities, knitting.  She is 100% self-taught and has actually won several blue ribbons in the fair for her work.   (You will also get a good look at her perfectly polished nails -- and those are the real deal!)

Two other passions: Coffee and owls. 



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